Nissei offers a new flavour soft ice cream in Japan

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ANI Photo | Nissei offers a new flavour soft ice cream in Japan

This is Taki Town in Shimane Prefecture, Japan. In the souvenir section of the parking area, there are products made from figs, a special product that is boosting the tourism industry of the country.
The fig soft ice cream was developed in collaboration with soft cream maker “Nissei,” which is slowly becoming popular among tourists.
Hironobu Nagira Kirara Taki Taki-fig is a variety called “Houraishi,” and it is famous for its sweetness. It is stronger than other figs. It supplies satisfactory taste. Fig jam and boiled figs are well-selling products. There are about 50 kinds of fig products.

A mixture of fig soft cream and fig and vanilla soft cream is sold at the kiosk. Soft cream helps the visitors relax. A visitor at the event said “by eating vanilla cream and fig cream together, I could feel the sweetness and refreshing texture, and it was very delicious.”
Another visitor said “It’s my first time eating fig soft cream. The feeling of crushed figs remained in the cream, it was light and rich, easy to eat, and delicious. The texture of fig soft ice cream is unique. The cream is kneaded with small fig seeds.”
Kirara Taki said that “We make fig soft cream by mixing local fig paste with raw materials. It is a soft cream that gives you the feeling and flavour of fig. This parking area is a tourist spot where you can see the Sea of Japan. Especially in summer, there are many tourists who can take soft cream and eat it while looking at the sea. I would like you to come and eat the scenery of Sea of Japan and delicious fig soft cream.” The “Nissei” infuses local flavours into soft creams to popularise Japanese soft creams around the world. “Fig Soft Cream,” which has a sweet and mysterious texture, is becoming popular among foreign tourists. (ANI)

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