Kenny Basumatary

Kenny Basumatary is a filmmaker from Assam, known for his unique style of filmmaking. Basumatary’s films are often characterized by their quirky humor, unconventional storytelling, and use of “conversational” regional languages.

His films have garnered critical acclaim and have curved a niche fan following over the years.

Kenny Deori Basumatary dropped out of college while pursuing Computer Engineering in IIT Delhi. After that, he started his career as a television journalist but soon realized his passion for films and filmmaking. He is also a published writer – authored the book ‘Chocolate Guitar Momos’.

In 2013, he made his directorial debut with the film ‘Local Kung Fu’, a martial arts comedy set in Assam. The film was made on a shoestring budget – with just Rs 95,000 – and featured a cast of ‘unknown’ actors. However, it became a cult hit and was widely praised for its unique storytelling and humor.

Bonzo local kung fu
Bonzo in Local Kung Fu

One of the hallmarks of Kenny’s filmmaking is his use of “conversational” languages. His films are predominantly in Assamese, which also includes good dose of “Assamese-Hindi” and daily-spoken words which may not be part of the literary language. This gives his films an authentic feel and helps to showcase the diversity of languages and cultures.

Basumatary’s films are also known for their unconventional storytelling. He often uses nonlinear narratives and breaks the fourth wall to engage with the audience. His films are a mix of comedy, drama, and action and are often described as genre-bending.

Another aspect of Basumatary’s filmmaking that sets him apart is his use of humor. His films are often laced with quirky humor, and he has a knack for finding humor in the most unexpected situations. This has helped to make his films accessible to a wider audience and has contributed to their popularity.

Basumatary’s films also showcase the natural beauty of Assam and the surrounding regions. He often uses stunning visuals and breathtaking landscapes to create a sense of place and transport the audience to the world of his films.

Local Utpaat - A bone-crunching martial arts action bonanza
Local Utpaat – A bone-crunching martial arts action bonanza

In 2022, Kenny Basumatary released ‘Local Utpaat’ – a non-stop comedy film. The film was again shot on a shoestring budget and featured a mostly unknown cast – comprising of friends and family. However, it was a super hit at the Box Office as fans queued up to watch the film in the theatres. The cinegoers praised the film for its humor, action, and unique storytelling.

Kenny Basumatary’s unique style of filmmaking has helped to connect with the youth of the region. His use of local languages, unconventional storytelling, humor, and stunning action has won him critical acclaim and a dedicated fanbase. Basumatary’s films are a testament to the power of independent filmmaking and the importance of telling stories that are authentic and true to one’s roots.

Kenny is all set to release his next film – ‘Ki Kowa, Dosti..!’ – on April 28. The film promises to be another ‘comedy fest’. “Many of us have lived in hostels and messes and rented houses. We have four boys in one rented house, three girls in another, and ‘Ki Kowa, Dosti..!’ is about the small adventures and misadventures that happen among friends living together,” Kenny had said while releasing the trailer of the much-awaited film.

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