NIT Trichy’s techno-managerial fest Pragyan ‘23 Fest from March 23-26

Pragyan is the ISO 9001 and 20121 certified annual International Techno-Managerial fest of NIT Trichy. Pragyan is part of a premier group of techno-fests that is committed to the mission of disseminating information of the latest technological advancements while inspiring the next generation of technocrats to aspire towards innovation. Apart from priding itself on a reputation of being one of the largest festivals of its kind since 2005, it also has a history of hosting events, workshops and guest lectures from reputed industry leaders. Pragyan has consistently been a platform for students to showcase their ingenuity and provides young minds across the country the opportunity to exchange ideas.

The road to Pragyan ‘23 has been an eventful one with events, workshops and outreach initiatives to expand the realm of technology by making it more accessible to every section of society.

Ingenium, a highly-anticipated technical contest at the national level, has sparked a new era of fierce competition among talented minds hailing from various colleges across the country. The flagship event emphasizes the importance of pursuing novel ideas by providing young technocrats with a platform to showcase their ingenuity through innovations, creations, and inventions. The themes for this year’s Ingenium, revolved around healthcare, environment, and space technology. With the first round of shortlists already out, it promises to be an exhilarating competition to the finish that is sure to capture the complete essence of bringing a vision to life.

Inventive resourcefulness is an essential trait for budding entrepreneurs, innovators, and engineers. Sangam, in association with SCIEnT, will hold the final rounds of Pragyan’s flagship hardware hackathon for all the technophiles that call NITT home. Sangam followed suit in-terms of this year’s themes being healthcare, environment and space technology with problem statements that will lay the foundations for an all-out competition that will inspire participants to push the limits of creation to discover new horizons for breakthroughs within existing industries.

The written medium serve as one of the most influential means of communicating ideas, information and stories. The Pragyan Blog saw another year of awe-inspiring pieces that traversed topics. Articles were written on the psychological perspective of confirmation bias, the effect of pressure on creativity, the shades of cafeinated thoughts, and social media addiction. These pieces enable the Pragyan Blog to serve as a beacon of content related to science, technology, and management.

Following the success of the Pragyan Podcast last year, this year also featured the release of the second episode titled “Information: The Currency of the Internet” in which the hosts discuss the role of internet in the modern era and how information is everything when taking into consideration the element of social media.

As part of the fest’s efforts to make the world of technology, management and engineering more inclusive to all shades of humanity, Pragyan ‘23 collaborated with WIN-NITT to host a spotlight talk with Soundarya Balasubramani on the occasion of Women’s Day. Soundarya, who is a gold medalist alumni of NIT Trichy, shared her success story with the audience in the hopes of inspiring the next generation of women to not be afraid to challenge the norm in academia and remain bold in the face of adversity to revolutionize the tech world in their own way.

Pragyan is aware of the responsibility it bears as a techno-fest to give back to the society that has nurtured its growth thus far. As part of the fest’s social responsibility initiatives, Techids and Young Techie 3.0 were organized to help sow the seeds of innovation at a young age. It aimed to expose school children to the world of technology, educate them on their benefits and encourage them to find their passion to become future trailblazers in the industry.

With a desire to always be on the look-out for unchartered territories and novel opportunities to spread knowledge, Pragyan ‘23 took yet another step towards realizing India as a technological superpower by hosting the Youth Summit 2023 in association with the Technical Council of NIT Trichy at Comfort Inn Sys, Bangalore. With 8 speaker sessions and over 80 participants, the event aimed to ignite the fervour of innovation amongst the country’s greatest asset – the young minds and youth population. The event witnessed influential talks from experts of the likes of Rajeev Palanki, Nirali Bhatia, Prakash Selvakumar, Prateek Sethi, Narendra Raj, Aanand Srinivas, and Suhas Motwani. Overall, the summit was a grand success in its mission to broaden the horizons of the audience and inspire them to pursue careers that fill them with purpose.

Time is a valuable resource provided in limited quantity but can have vastly differing effects based on the entity observed. Unlike machinery, Pragyan and elderly residents share the common trait of aging like wine. Pragyan continued yet another social responsibility event, Golden Hour Gathering, where volunteers reached out to the old age home in Srirangam to engage with elderly citizens. The aim was to conduct fun activities, educate them on the use of modern gadgets, raise awareness of leaving health issues unaddressed, and ultimately making them feel empowered.

Catch Pragyan ‘23 from March 23-26

Each year, Pragyan hosts a wide range of events that are grouped into several clusters, making for an exciting and diverse experience. This year, attendees can look forward to participating in the 8 unique clusters.

Ewitts, one of the clusters at Pragyan, features the highly anticipated Pragyan Main Quiz. The cluster also offers a variety of other exciting events, making it an excellent option for those interested in testing their knowledge. Manigma offers events from the domain of management. One of the standout events in this cluster is the strategy-driven Pragyan Premier League that will test participants ability to effectively build a team within a budget. Other events include Attack on Robots, Outbreak Origins, and The Ultimate Manager. Additionally, aspiring entrepreneurs can pitch their start-up ideas at the Start-up Arena event. Bytehoc is a strategy coding cluster that challenges participants in events such as Web Wars, Code Character, Watch Tower, Code Venture, and Capture the Flag. This cluster is perfect for those who enjoy programming and strategy-based challenges.

Roborex is the robotics cluster that offers events such as Jalyaan, QuadCombat, and RoboWars. Participants will be tasked with building and programming robots to compete in various challenges. Pandora’s Box is an event cluster that includes games such as family Feud and Clique & Clues. This cluster is perfect for those looking for a more relaxed and casual experience.

Concreate, offers events such as Town Trace, Mortar Master, Tower Bloxx, and Plan It. Participants will have the opportunity to showcase their knowledge of civil engineering principles and techniques. Conception is a cluster with events of the likes of Old Town Road and Water Rocketry. Participants will have the opportunity to flex their creative muscles and put their ideas to the test in a competitive environment. Phronesis is a puzzle cluster that offers events such as Bounty Quest, Cabal Conundrums, M-Decoder, and Sherlocked. If you enjoy solving puzzles, decrypting codes, and cracking riddles, then this is the cluster for you.

Apart from events to keep you hyped up, Pragyan will also host a series of guest lectures that will be delivered by noteworthy leaders from the world of technology. This year’s line-up features Advait Danke, Atul Gurtu, J Sai Deepak, Abhijit Chavda, and Ashneer Grover. Collectively they are sure to offer inspiring inputs and insights that could be the recipe for transformative speeches that you can’t miss!

Pragyan ‘23 will also feature exhibits of cutting-edge technologies from the world of robotics that will inspire attendees. The exhibits will feature the Indro Robot, Mitra Robot, Unitreee Robotics and Zafi Robots. These exhibits provide a glimmer into what the future has to offer and the unlocked potential that lies behind the veil of perceived limitations that can be shattered with the help of innovative brilliance.

Workshops will also form an integral part of the experience that will be offered at Pragyan ‘23, with insightful, hands-on sessions to be held in specific technological niches by industrial experts. For instance, Pragyan ‘23 will host workshops on the use of Intel FGPAs for heterogeneous computing applications that will be conducted by instructors from Intel. Similarly, workshops on industrial automation by the CoE manufacturing unit of NIT Trichy, a deep dive into the future of conversational data analytics delivered by Latent View Analytics, and a workshop on cutting edge cloud computing solutions by Zoho.

Pragyan ‘23 will not only be about the usual repertoire of events, workshops and guest lectures but will also include a set of infotainment programmes that will lighten up the fest by providing you with a memorable experience. This year, Pragyan plans to host Indie Flow art, that will feature LED light shows and pyro shows, by Rohan Jacob and Sarena Beriwala. Pragyan ‘23 will also have incredible street performances by Sylvian Potiron, magical mentalism by Karan Singh, and mesmerizing tron dance performances by the Skeleton Dance Crew.

Witness the pinnacle of intellectual prowess as Sangam and Ingenium culminate in a riveting finale during Pragyan ’23. The brightest minds of the nation will captivate the audience with their compelling case studies and creations while being evaluated by an expert panel of judges.

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