ANI Photo | World Police Summit: UAE tech company unveils undercover police vehicle

A United Arab Emirates (UAE)-based technology firm has launched an undercover police vehicle, which is customised to assist and enhance surveillance, road security, law enforcement, and crime prevention, according to Khaleej Times.
The special vehicle was launched by the tech firm at the Dubai World Police Summit, Khaleej Times reported.
Anas Al Zghoul, head of research and development at the tech company ‘Tatweer’, said, “This is an undercover car where we have mounted a technology device in the front that is an integrated solution customised to assist and enhance surveillance, road security, law enforcement, and crime prevention.”
“This device or module can be moulded to fit any size and shape on the bumper of the make and model of the car,” added Zghoul.
Zhogul also stated that the system of the vehicle is integrated with top-notch automatic number plate recognition cameras, surveillance CCTV capabilities, speed detection, law enforcement innovative mobile app and web application – which, together, build the complete ecosystem, according to Khaleej Times.
Hosted by Dubai Police, the summit is being held at the Dubai World Trade Centre from 7 to 9 March 2023.
The World Police Summit provides an unparalleled platform to explore the current challenges facing police forces and the latest technological advancements, strategies, and innovations across the law enforcement and security spectrum.

Meanwhile, Heruon launched its new breakthrough technology, Artemis, on Wednesday, at the prestige Dubai World Police Summit Building on its award-winning facial and object recognition technology. Artemis can detect Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals and can be adapted to detect Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) etc.
Dubai world police summit showcases the best talent globally in policing and security. The Commander of the Dubai police has brought together the leaders of the finest police forces in the world alongside cutting-edge technology.
Unlike International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI)-grabbers which usually require advanced high-level approval, Artemis does not need any special authorisation. But, it will indicate when an IMSI-grabber is needed. Artemis gathers significant amounts of information that assist in multiple ways when used with other Heruon technology.
While addressing the event at the Dubai World Police Summit, Heruon CEO Francis Howard said, “It was gratifying this week to have so many compliments for our new technology from so many senior Police officers from around the world gathered at the World Police Summit in Dubai.”
Artemis will provide alerts of human activity which give rise to concerns such as monitoring individuals under observation, providing advance warning of individuals approaching sensitive or secure areas, identifying migrants in remote or marine border areas identifying movement in conflict zones.
Artemis can support other technologies which identify drug smuggling at sea, provide more certain identification of persons of interest, penetrate criminal organisations and supply hard evidence for prosecution.
Usable both indoors and outdoors, it can be deployed in multiple ways including on drones, cars, cycles or on foot. This ground-breaking technology can provide valuable assistance to law enforcement with potential savings in manpower costs. (ANI)

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