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As the Board of Secondary Education Assam (SEBA) declared the results for the High School Leaving Certificate (HSLC) examinations 2023, students across the state are experiencing a mix of emotions. The release of exam results not only brings joy and relief but also highlights the immense pressure and motivation that students undergo during their HSLC and high secondary (HS) exams.

In this article, we delve into the factors that contribute to this pressure and explore the sources of motivation that drive students to excel.

The pressure of expectations

HSLC and HS examinations are often still considered the “defining moments” in a student’s academic journey. The results of these exams play a significant role in shaping their future prospects, including higher education options and career opportunities. Consequently, the weight of expectations, both from parents and society, can be overwhelming for students.

Parents, in particular, have high hopes for their children’s academic success, as they perceive it as a gateway to a better life. This parental pressure can inadvertently burden students, creating an environment of stress and anxiety. Additionally, societal expectations and comparisons with peers further contribute to the pressure faced by students during exam periods.

Fear of failure and its consequences

The fear of failure is another factor that adds to the stress experienced by students. The consequences associated with poor performance in these crucial exams can be significant. A failure to secure good grades in these examination may limit future opportunities, as it affects admission into reputable colleges, scholarships, and various career paths. This fear can create an atmosphere of intense pressure, as students strive to meet the high standards set by themselves and others.

Challenges of time management

The demanding syllabus and the limited time available for exam preparation create immense challenges for students. Balancing multiple subjects, revising voluminous course material, and keeping up with continuous assessments can be overwhelming. The need to manage time efficiently becomes crucial for success, and the pressure to accomplish this often pushes students to the limit.

Motivation: The driving force

While the pressure of exams is undeniable, it is equally important to acknowledge the motivation that propels students towards their goals. Motivation can come from various sources, such as personal aspirations, dreams of a better future, and the support and encouragement from loved ones and mentors.

For many students, the desire to excel and make their families proud serves as a powerful motivator. Additionally, the pursuit of personal growth, career aspirations, and the prospect of gaining admission to esteemed educational institutions keep students focused and driven during exam preparations.

The role of support systems

Support systems play a vital role in alleviating the pressure faced by students during exams. Teachers, parents, and friends can provide guidance, emotional support, and reassurance, helping students navigate the challenges of exam periods. Timely encouragement, effective study techniques, and motivation in students.

As SEBA declares the HSLC results, it is important to recognize the immense pressure that students face during the exam period. The expectations, fear of failure, and challenges of time management all contribute to a highly demanding and stressful environment. However, it is crucial to remember that motivation, driven by personal aspirations and support systems, serves as a powerful force that helps students overcome these obstacles.

Moving forward, it is essential for parents, educators, and policymakers to promote a balanced approach to education that focuses not only on academic achievements but also on the holistic development and well-being of students. By creating a nurturing and supportive environment, we can help students thrive academically and emotionally, enabling them to reach their full potential while maintaining their mental and physical health.

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Shilpi Rani Kalita
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The author is a student of Mass Communication at Assam Don Bosco University, Tapesia, Guwahati.


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