Expressing utter dismay over the incident of Jonali Nath’s killing in Goalpara of western Assam and its subsequent ‘lucid’ narration by the concerned police person, the Patriotic People’s Front Assam (PPFA) urged the department to direct its officials to dedicate more time, space and energy in a genuine probe rather than indulging in the practice of storytelling in front of the media.

“There should be a limit of irresponsibility and personal shame when a police officer can explain the ‘love affairs’ of a victim, who has a full family with two young daughters. How come he became so confident that the accused Hasanur Islam spoke the truth (while the lady is not alive today to defend herself). Had he not realised the victim’s family while vomiting his creativity,” said the forum of nationalist citizens.

PPFA also claims that anyone found guilty in a crime may speak anything to influence the probe in their favour. “In that case, why did the police officer try to narrate the ‘story’ following the line of the accused? Has he found all the convincing details about the murder so instantly? Or did he happily used his oratory skill to speak in front of media persons?” questioned the forum.

It also appealed to the state chief minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, also in charge of home portfolio, to look into the matter seriously, if the police officer indirectly tried to justify the murder (because the lady had a two-year long inclination towards Hasanur).

“Moreover, a transparent probe must be conducted to find the motive behind the killing,” asserted the PPFA.

Finally, the forum urged the media outlets to report such cases with maximum scrutiny and sensitivity.

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