Team Arunachal Pradesh won Fair Play award

The Services Sports Control Board (SSCB) dominated the championship with an exceptional performance by their talented boxers in the 5th National Junior Boys Boxing Championship which concluded on Friday in Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh.

SSCB boxers secured an impressive total of eight gold medals, showcasing their dominance and supremacy in the sport. Their exemplary training and expertise were on full display as they clinched victories in various weight categories, making SSCB the most successful team in the tournament.

Arunachal Pradesh celebrated the victory as Nenthok Hodong claimed the gold medal in the Bantamweight category, marking the state’s first gold medal in the championship. Hodong showcased tremendous skill and resilience, triumphing over Devang from the Services Sports Control Board (SSCB) with a commendable score of 4-1 in the thrilling final.

Nenthok Hodong also won the best boxer award. Team Arunachal was honoured with fair play award.

In the Flyweight 48 kg category, Brijesh Tamta from Uttarakhand (UTK) delivered a remarkable performance, defeating Techi Jacky of Arunachal Pradesh with a flawless victory of 5-0, earning him the gold medal.

Mahesh, representing SSCB, exhibited exceptional skill in the Light Flyweight 48 kg category, overpowering Sikander from Haryana with an impressive 5-0 victory, securing another gold for SSCB.

Divash Katare, also from SSCB, displayed superior technique and determination in the Flyweight 48 kg category, triumphing over K Dastageer Shariff from Tamil Nadu with a resounding 5-0 victory, earning him the gold medal.

Sahil Baord, representing SSCB, dominated the Light Bantamweight 50 kg category, defeating Gayki Rie from Arunachal with a commanding 5-0 victory in the finals, adding another gold medal to SSCB’s tally.

M Punshiba from Manipur showcased remarkable skill and determination in the Lightweight 60 kg category, securing a gold medal with a referee stop contest (RSC) victory over Akshay Pilla from Andhra Pradesh in the finals.

Yogesh Dhanda, representing Haryana, displayed exceptional prowess in the Featherweight 57 kg category, overpowering Tagio Liyak from Arunachal Pradesh with a dominant 5-0 victory, earning him the gold medal.

M Kaviraj Singh, representing SSCB, showcased his remarkable boxing skills in the Light Welterweight 63 kg category, defeating Aman Dass Ahlawat from Haryana with a resounding 5-0 victory, securing the gold medal.

Lalnunpuia from Mizoram delivered an impressive performance in the Welterweight 66 kg category, defeating Villayat Ali from Ladakh with an emphatic 5-0 win, securing the gold medal for Mizoram.

Rahul Kundu, representing SSCB, displayed exceptional boxing prowess as he triumphed over Arjun Sharma from Rajasthan with a flawless victory of 5-0 in the Light Middleweight 66 kg category, earning him the gold medal.

Sahil, representing SSCB, emerged victorious in the Middleweight 70 kg category, defeating Lokesh from Haryana in a hard-fought match, securing a gold medal for SSCB.

Hardik Panwar, also from SSCB, showcased immense power and technique in the Light Heavyweight 75 kg category, defeating Shriyansh from Punjab in a referee stop contest (RSC) during the first round, earning him the gold medal.

Hemant Sangwan, representing SSCB, displayed his boxing prowess in the Heavyweight 80+ kg category, defeating Vedant Dhauta from Himachal Pradesh with a referee stop contest (RSC) victory, securing the gold medal for SSCB.

The 5th National Junior Boys Boxing Championship provided a platform for these young boxers to showcase their talent and determination. The championship concluded with a celebration of their achievements, as the gold medalists stood proud on the podium, ready to inspire future generations of boxers in their respective states and sports boards.

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