Baby dies after woman gives birth in vehicle stranded in traffic in Meghalaya

A woman in Meghalaya’s West Khasi Hills lost her newborn after she was forced to give birth inside a vehicle as she was stranded in a traffic jam. The baby died before getting any medical attention.

The woman, who hails from Mawthawniaw village in West Khasi Hills, was stuck in a massive traffic jam at Ksehkohlong near Pamphyrnai Lake on NH44E for three hours. The gridlock was caused due to a fishing competition organized at the Pamphyrnai lake.

A video clip in which a long traffic jam with people rushing to attend a fishing competition in Pamphyrnai village is seen blocking the way of an ambulance without allowing it to make its way to a hospital.

Family members of the woman said the ambulance got stranded mainly due to haphazard parking of vehicles and people obstructing the ambulance.

“Despite the driver (of the ambulance) blared the siren repeatedly to make way for its movement but the people failed to give way,” they said.

Condemning the incident, Ri Khasi Sepngi Federation and the Hynñiewtrep Youth Council have demanded from the deputy commissioner to summon the organizers of the fishing competition and take punitive action against the organizers.

The groups also criticized the police for not managing the traffic but instead were busy announcing the name of the winners of the fishing competition.

Meanwhile, reports said that the deputy commissioner have decided to summon the organizers of the fishing competition.

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