Who are the best professional blackjack players?

Who are the best professional blackjack players – The News Mill

Online blackjack games are not as popular as Poker. This is the very reason why blackjack players do not enjoy the reputation or popularity like Poker players in the market today. In fact, the blackjack players are not set out to be working against each other as in case of Poker, that is why it is not very enjoyable.

As the popularity is low, many people are not aware of the best practices of playing the game and the hard work that it takes to be professional. However, the ones that have become the best at the game, have continuously put in the effort to learn the game and practice the rules as much as possible. That is why they have achieved that kind of credibility.

Although there are several blackjack players in the world today, but let’s give you more information on some of the pro blackjack players in the history of online casino games:

  1. Edward Thorp

Many blackjack players believe that Thorp is one of the best blackjack players that the world has ever seen. He is a legend for the professional players in this game. Thorp has a PhD in Mathematics from UCLA and not many blackjack players can claim to be as educated as he was. He used his knowledge and skills in the field of statistics and probability as well. He gained a lot of money from the stock market with his skills. He started playing in the 1960s and since then there has been no looking back.

  1. Don Johnson

Johnson also holds an excellent reputation for being the best blackjack player. In 2011, Johnson won $15 million from the casinos in Atlantic City with his skills in the game. It just took him 6 months to make this kind of money and become a genius of blackjack himself. He was able to do so because of his ability to negotiate changes that were available for him as he was a high roller. In just one hand, the man even won $800,000 at one time. This got him an instant amount of fame and money both.

  1. Bill Benter

If you consider the financial gains, Bill Benter has made the largest amount of profits in the blackjack games until now. He has managed to earn $1 Billion in total. He is definitely one of the most successful gamblers known in the world till now. He was not only involved in blackjack games but other casino games as well. In 2016, his name was engraved on the hall of fame for his achievements as well. He played for a few short years but became a legend nonetheless.

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