ANI Photo | “Terrorism started at the moment of our independence…”: EAM Jaishankar takes dig at Pakistan

Advocating the necessity to counter cross-border terrorism, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar emphasized that India has grappled with this issue since its independence, taking a pointed jab at Pakistan.
Jaishankar underlined the 26/11 terrorist attacks in Mumbai by Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) as a pivotal moment for terrorism in India.
“…Terrorism started at the moment of our independence when so-called raiders came from across Pakistan…What has changed in this country today, I think the Mumbai 26/11, to me, was the tipping point,” Jaishankar said, while addressing the media.
He said that if somebody is practicing cross-border terrorism, response becomes the most important factor in countering that.
“A lot of people were very confused till they saw the true graphic impactful phase of terrorism of 26/11. Now, what we need to do first is we need to counter. I know that people who said, oh, we had a very smart strategy of turning the other cheek. I don’t think that’s just the mood of the nation. I don’t think it makes sense. I don’t think it makes strategic sense. If somebody is practicing cross-border terrorism, you must respond, you must extract and impose a cost out there…,” the EAM went on to say.
While speaking at the 3rd convocation of Rashtriya Raksha University in Lavad, Gandhinagar earlier today, the EAM had said that Terrorism has long been a particular challenge for India.
Addressing the media during the 3rd convocation of Rashtriya Raksha University in Lavad, Gandhinagar, Jaishankar acknowledged that terrorism has long been a significant challenge for India. He expressed the ongoing commitment to delegitimize and counter terrorism, emphasizing the evolving dynamics influenced by technological advancements.
“Terrorism has long been a particular challenge for India. And our mission is to de-legitimize it, and to counter it remains unrelenting. And, as the world has seen, it is a domain that draws particular energy from technology, and from technology advancements,” Jaishankar said.
Jaishankar elucidated on the multifaceted nature of counterterrorism efforts, mentioning the expansion of India’s interests to contribute to the security of others. This could manifest through immediate neighborhood support or extend to broader areas like financial, health, and energy assistance, encompassing the Global South.
“Counterterrorism therefore challenges both our capabilities and our imaginations. As our interests expand, we have to strive to also contribute to the security of others. This may be in the immediate neighbourhood, or it may be in terms of financial , health and energy support to them, or it may be for a larger contituency like the Global South,” he added.
India and Pakistan’s relations were never normal since the formation of the latter country. India has repeatedly raised its concern over Pakistan’s support of cross-border terrorism and has asserted that terror and talks cannot go together.
Following the Indian government’s decision in August 2019 to abolish Jammu and Kashmir’s special status and bifurcate it into two Union territories [J&K and Ladakh], the Pakistan government, then led by Imran Khan, expelled India’s ambassador to Islamabad and halted bilateral trade.

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