Nagaland takes measures to revive coffee farming

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Coffee | Image by Anja from Pixabay

Nagaland has taken up measures to revive coffee farming in the state with the launch of coffee roasting machines programmes, funded by the North Eastern Council (NEC). The launch event was held at the Directorate of Land Resources in Kohima on February 16 in presence of G Ikuto Zhimomi, advisor of land resources, Nagaland.

Expressing his delight, Zhimomi highlighted the resurgence of coffee farming in Nagaland, dating back to its introduction in the 1970s. He commended the efforts to revive the industry, which had faced discontinuation in the late 1990s but was reintroduced by the Department of Land Resources in 2014.

This revival, coupled with proper information dissemination and departmental interest, has positioned Nagaland as a frontrunner in coffee production within the Northeast region.

Zhimomi then emphasized Nagaland’s potential as a leading coffee producer, citing its conducive natural climate and the crop’s longevity, which spans centuries. He proposed coffee farming as a viable alternative to traditional jhum cultivation, drawing parallels with coffee giants like Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia, and Ethiopia.

Acknowledging the pivotal role of commissioner secretary land resources in supporting farmers, Zhimomi assured assistance to areca nut, coffee, and rubber farmers in securing fair prices and avoiding exploitation by intermediaries.

He then underscored the commitment of chief minister Rio towards farmers’ welfare and envisioned a promising future for them.

During the programme, coffee roasting machines were distributed to beneficiaries.

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