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In a bid to boost India’s per capita consumption of tea and address the current supply glut, the North Eastern Tea Association (NETA) has proposed enlisting popular cricketer MS Dhoni as the brand ambassador for ‘Assam Tea’.

Kamal Jalan, chairman of NETA, emphasized the necessity of engaging MS Dhoni as the Brand Ambassador of Assam Tea during the association’s 21st biennial general meeting held in Guwahati on March 13. The association, comprising 172 member tea companies across Assam, Nagaland, and Arunachal Pradesh, also advocated for the generic promotion of Assam Tea in the domestic market, with MS Dhoni being the face of the campaign.

Celebrating the milestone of 200 years of the plantation industry in Assam, tea growers in the state are keen to leverage Dhoni’s influence to further elevate the global recognition of Assam Tea, renowned for its rich colour and aroma. The industry, which is the largest in the country, sustains millions of livelihoods directly and indirectly.

Despite its global reputation, India’s tea industry faces numerous challenges such as stagnant consumption, rising production costs, and climate change-induced crop losses. Generic promotion within the domestic market is seen as a strategy to boost consumption, with NETA aiming for a per capita consumption target of 1 kilo, compared to the current 840 grams.

NETA also appealed to the Assam government to subsidize ‘BHARAT RICE’ for tea garden management, easing the burden of providing food grains to workers amidst rising prices. This initiative aims to relieve management and ensure the welfare of tea garden workers.

Meanwhile, during his recent visit to Assam, Prime Minister Narendra Modi acknowledged the significance of Assam’s tea gardens and encouraged tourists to explore them. Beyond its tea, Assam offers tourists unforgettable experiences, including stays in lush tea estates, golfing, and scenic drives through picturesque landscapes.

Assam’s tea industry remains a cornerstone of the state’s economy and cultural heritage, with initiatives like engaging MS Dhoni as the ambassador poised to further enhance its global appeal and consumption.

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