ANI Photo | “Congress starts hue and cry in Constitution’s name whenever it has to commit misdeed”: PM Modi

Coming down heavily against the Congress party, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the Congress starts “hue and cry” in the name of the Constitution whenever it has to commit a big “misdeed”.
He said that Congress used similar arguments while imposing the Emergency in the country and turned the country into a ‘prison’.
Addressing a press conference in Shahjahanpur on Thursday, PM Modi said, “This has been the identity of Congress — Whenever they have to commit a big misdeed, they start raising a hue and cry in the name of the country and the Constitution. By raising similar slogans in the 70s, Congress had imposed an Emergency in the country, turned the country into a prison, shut down newspapers and put lakhs of democracy lovers behind bars. People were scared of speaking.”
PM Modi said that this time the people have understood the “real intentions” and “hidden agenda” of the Congress party.
“Once again Congress has released its flop film. There are two dialogues in this film of Congress — First, if Modi wins, dictatorship will come. Second — if Modi wins, reservations will be taken away…They keep spreading such lies,” the Prime Minister said.
“But as soon as the trailer of this film appeared in their manifesto, people read it and the country got to know the real face and intentions of Congress, their hidden agenda. Now all their truths are coming out one by one before the country,” he added.
He said that these Lok Sabha elections is not ordinary elections but every vote would be a guarantee to strengthen the resolve of a ‘strong’ India.
“This is not an ordinary election, it is not just about electing MPs and forming a government. Your every vote is a guarantee to strengthen the resolve of a strong India and the guarantee of your vote more than the guarantee of Modi. This time you will have to send a very strong message to those with an anti-national mindset. It is your vote that will keep terrorism under control and make India the third largest economy in the world,” the Prime Minister further said.
Prime Minister Modi said that earlier regular announcements were made to create awareness against bomb threats, but since 2014 no such threats are there.
“Before Modi came to power, there were announcements made at railway stations, bus stations, on television that if you see any unclaimed thing, bag, tiffin anywhere, do not touch it because there was a fear that there would be a bomb in the unclaimed things there. Hence the entire government had to inform to the people every day. After 2014, tell me have you ever heard such information? Is there a fear of bomb blasts anymore? Hasn’t all this stopped? It is the power of your vote that stops big explosions. Because you voted for the right people,” he said.
Further taking a jibe at Congress, PM Modi said that this time the Gandhi family won’t be able to vote for Congress as no party candidate is contesting from their seat.
“The leaders of Congress will not be able to vote for Congress but Modi will vote for BJP. In this election, the royal family of Congress that lives in Delhi will not vote for Congress because there is no candidate from Congress contesting elections there,” he said.
He also compared the Samajwadi Party governance in UP from 2012-17 to BJP’s rule and said that earlier infrastructure, health, law and order, everything was in a ‘dire’ state, while a rapid transformation has taken place under CM Yogi Adityanath.
“The road infrastructure, electricity, law and order, health system was poor, electricity system was bad. When CM Yogi Adityanath’s government came here, all the schemes which were stalled during the Samajwadi Party regime and the vehicle of development started running fast. Earlier, the roads which were not safe, expressways are passing there,” PM Modi added.
In Uttar Pradesh in the 2019 general elections, the BJP emerged triumphant, securing 62 out of 80 seats in Uttar Pradesh, supplemented by two seats clinched by its ally Apna Dal (S). Mayawati’s BSP managed to secure 10 seats, while Akhilesh Yadav’s SP garnered five. The Congress Party secured only one seat.
Uttar Pradesh sends the maximum number of MPs, 80 in total, to Parliament. The first phase of voting in the state has already taken place on April 19.
The remaining Lok Sabha constituencies in Uttar Pradesh will cast their votes in the subsequent phases of the election, namely, Phase 2 on April 26, Phase 3 on May 7, Phase 4 on May 13, Phase 5 on May 20, Phase 6 on May 25, and Phase 7 on June 1. The counting of votes will occur on June 4

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