ANI Photo | Not just election posters, Meghalaya flooded with tourists ahead of Lok Sabha polls

While the country gears up for the first phase of polling on April 19, Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya, is experiencing a significant influx of tourists.
As most parts of the country swelter at temperatures nearing 40 degrees, Shillong offers a refreshing 16 to 20 degrees Celsius. Hotels are fully booked, and room rates are at their peak in Shillong and its surrounding areas.
One of the main attractions for tourists is the Double Decker Root Bridge at Nongrait.
Nongrait, nestled in the East Khasi Hills, is a village known for its unique cultural closeness, bioengineering wonders, and the world-famous Double Decker Living Root Bridge, accessible only by foot.
not just election posters meghalaya flooded with tourists ahead of lok sabha polls – The News Mill
The ANI team visited Nongrait village to experience the challenge of reaching this village, which involved crossing two mountains and descending 3400 steps one-way to an almost impassable and pathless location.
The last motorable point is Tyrna village, which lies 60 kilometers away from Shillong. From Tyrna, the only option is to walk. The journey involves climbing two mountains, one-way 3600 steps, crossing two footbridges made of steel wire, and two root bridges, culminating in the breath-taking Double Decker root bridge.
Guddu Kumar Rao from Bihar said, “We, a group of four friends, came here to witness this world heritage site and awesome place. The journey was arduous, but the satisfaction of visiting this memorable place, so close to nature, was worth it.”
Pragya from Delhi recounted, “We were captivated by this place. Midway, we were exhausted and considered turning back, but seeing other tourists, we pressed on. Upon reaching the Double Decker root bridge, our fatigue vanished. It’s such an amazing place that fills you with energy and rejuvenation. The Rainbow Fall and Blue Lagoon Fall here are exceptional.”
not just election posters meghalaya flooded with tourists ahead of lok sabha polls 1 – The News Mill
Neerav, who came here from Mumbai, said that he came here to see the Double Decker root bridge
“To admire India’s beauty, we came to see the Double Decker root bridge. It’s natural, wonderful, and truly remarkable. Despite the challenges in reaching here, it’s absolutely worth it, and people should not miss experiencing this beauty,” he said.
Manish Thakur, who visited with a group of friends, remarked that they had heard so much about the beauty of Meghalaya.
“Coming here to witness this living root bridge, a sight unique to this region, was an unforgettable experience,” he said.
not just election posters meghalaya flooded with tourists ahead of lok sabha polls 2 – The News Mill
12-year-old Hridaan Jain, accompanied by his parents from Delhi, shared, “We came here to witness the natural beauty. The sight of tree roots forming a bridge is truly unique. We trekked three kilometers uphill and downhill to reach this place, feeling exhausted, but the energy this nature imparts once you arrive is incomparable.”
Margarita, visiting from Moscow with her mother, told ANI that she had been planning to visit Meghalaya for years to see the root bridges, waterfalls, and caves.
“Finally, I am here. These root bridges, believed to be over seven centuries old, are incredible and beautiful. The wonders of nature here are amazing. I even went to see the rainbow, which required a 7,000-step journey each way.” Margarita added that she plans to return with Russian tourists to share this incredible experience.

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