ANI Photo | “The UPA’s name has changed, but its work hasn’t”: BJP MP K Laxman takes jibe at Congress, INDIA bloc

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP K Laxman on Sunday said that while the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) has changed its name to the Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance (INDIA), its work remains the same.
“The UPA’s name has changed, but their work hasn’t. The UPA has transformed into the INDI alliance, but all the faces remain the same, indicating that only the name has changed, but the faces are the same,” Laxman told ANI.
Laxman strongly criticized the Congress party’s election manifesto, labeling it as an “Anyay Patr”.
“The manifesto released by Congress is not a ‘Nyay Patr’ , it’s an ‘Anyay patr’ by Rahul Gandhi. In the 10 years that Modi Ji has been in power, he has achieved great development, created schemes for the poor, and made historic decisions, while during the UPA regime, there was a 12 lakh crore scam,” Laxman said.
The UPA was rebranded as the INDI Alliance on 18 July 2023.
Congress manifesto was released at the party headquarters by party leaders Mallikarjun Kharge, Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi on April 5.
The Congress party’s election manifesto focuses on ‘Paanch Nyay’ or five pillars of justice, including ‘Yuva Nyay’, ‘Naari Nyay’, ‘Kisaan Nyay’, ‘Shramik Nyay’ and ‘Hissedari Nyay’ as well as the guarantees made by it to the people as part of its poll promises for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.
Keeping the ongoing election in mind Laxman remarked, “Modi Ji wants to make India a developed nation in the next five years. Congress tries to divide on the basis of caste, religion, and language, and people know this. That’s why the next five years are crucial for the country.”
Comparing the BJP’s governance with that of the Congress, K. Laxman pointed out the economic progress under Modi’s leadership.
“The difference between the two national parties is so great that during Congress’s time, our country’s economy was ranked 10th, while today it is ranked 5th, and in the next five years, it will be ranked 3rd–this is Modi’s guarantee,” Laxman said.
Laxman also addressed Rahul Gandhi’s claim that the BJP will not be able to cross 150 seats in the upcoming elections, stating, “Oh man, first you should try to cross 40 seats,” he retorted.
Earlier on Saturday Congress leader Rahul Gandhi claimed that the BJP would not win more than 150 seats.
“These BJP people have kept saying that they will secure this many or that many seats, let me make it clear, they (BJP) won’t get more than 150 seats. Not even a single seat more than 150,” he said while addressing a public rally in Bhagalpur.
Meanwhile Laxman informed about the release of state manifesto.
“Through the Telangana Pradesh committee, the manifesto released today is a guarantee by the BJP and Modi,” Laxman said.
Further he concluded with the slogan, “Abki bar 400 par or fir ek bar Modi sarkar (This time 400 cross seats and once again, Modi’s government),” highlighting the BJP’s confidence in achieving a landslide victory in the ongoing LOk Sabha election

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