ANI Photo | “To not implement whatever promise he gives, that is Modi’s guarantee”: Kharge’s jibe at PM

Congress national president Mallikarjun Kharge took a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday over his promises in the run-up to the parliamentary elections and alleged that ‘Modi’s guarantee’ is to not implement whatever he promises.
While addressing a press conference in Kerala’s Thiruvananthapuram on Wednesday, the Congress chief questioned the Prime Minister’s promises during 2014 parliamentary elections in which he vowed to power regarding the farmer’s income, black money and depositing Rs 15 lakhs in people’s accounts.
“Kerala is the most literate state in the country. People here are more politically aware than in Gujarat or other states, but still, he comes here and speaks lies. I will give 15 lakhs to every family. I will bring black money which Congress has kept outside, where is that money? Where is that 15 lakhs? Where is the double income for kisan (farmer)? This is also a lie. When I say Modi ji you’re a lier, people ask why I’m saying that Prime Minister is lying? Because these are the facts, you can’t hide and again he is telling Modi’s guarantee. What is Modi’s guarantee? Same thing not to implement whatever promise he gives, that is guarantee,” Kharge said.
Kharge also criticised the Prime Minister for allegedly projecting himself over working as a collective.
“Next, what does he say, ‘I’. Any political leader says that ‘I’? We are in Congress, I am the president, I can’t say I alone can implement, I will do this. My party will do it, my party programmes will do it, manifesto will be implemented together, but he always says Modi ki guarantee. But Modi ki guarantee has failed. Whatever he has promised, he can’t fulfil. But now he still continues to say it,” the Congress chief said.
Criticising PM Modi over his job promises, the Congress President said, “PM Modi is acting like a petty politician. He has forgotten everything he had promised in the 2019 elections. He had promised to provide two crore jobs every year to youths. Where are two crore jobs?”
He said that PM Modi was afraid of invisible voters, and that’s why he is always criticising the Congress party.
“I came here to participate in the election programme. We are getting very good responses from the voters here, but PM Modi is afraid of these ‘invisible’ voters who will come out in the elections. That’s why PM Modi is always criticising Congress. If the Congress is nothing, why is PM Modi bothered about the Congress,” he said.
Kharge also hit out at the Prime Minister over the mass exodus of leaders from opposition parties who are allegedly facing charges for corruption and later joining the BJP.
“On one side, you say that Modi never tolerates corruption, and then you purchase nearly 444 MLAs from across the country, irrespective of parties to which they belong. Several politicians and contractors get clean chit after joining BJP but when they were with Congress, they were called the most corrupt leaders,” Kharge said.
“I am unable to understand that the man who ruled the country for 10 years as Prime Minister and nearly 13.5 years as Chief Minister is not able to distinguish what is corruption, who is good, who is bad. Then I can say that it is unfortunate for the country that such a man is ruling,” he added.
“The main thing we are fighting is unemployment. Inflation is so high. He said ‘Sab Ka Saath, Sab Ka Vikas’, but he did ‘Sab Ka Satyanash’. Look at petrol and diesel prices,” Kharge said.
Expressing confidence in winning the Lok Sabha elections, Kharge said, “We will win 20 seats here. Our party leader has not divided the people on religion. They talked about the work they have done whereas PM Modi always talked about religion.”
The voting for 89 seats across 13 states will be held in the second phase on April 26. The first phase of voting across 21 states/UTs was held on April 19. The states going to the polls in the second phase are five seats in Assam and Bihar, three in Chhattisgarh and West Bengal, 14 in Karnataka, 20 in Kerala, seven in Madhya Pradesh, eight in Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh and 13 in Rajasthan. The results will be announced on June 4

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