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On the occasion of World Bee Day on May 20, Assam’s largest and favourite dairy cooperative, Purabi Dairy, has announced that it is targeting sale of more than 4 tonnes of locally-produced honey this financial year.

West Assam Milk Producers’ Cooperative Union Ltd (WAMUL), last year in May introduced honey under its brand ‘Purabi’ sourced from the local beekeepers of Assam.

Natural honey produced by Naba Milon Beekeepers and Producers Cooperative Society Ltd., Hajo (Kamrup), developed under NDDBs initiative to boost honey production through honey cooperatives in Assam, to encourage sustainable beekeeping and honey production techniques. The initiative was aimed to enhance the livelihood of honey producers and establish a local market for natural honey and beekeeping products. The honey produced is sourced by WAMUL and marketed under the brand name of Purabi Honey.

Purabi Honey was first made available in pack sizes of 125 grams and 250 grams. However, due to increased demand for high-quality natural ‘Purabi Honey’, 500 grams packs were later introduced in the market.

In the first 10 months, Purabi Dairy sold more than 1.2 tonnes of Purabi Honey, highlighting the people’s choice for natural and locally-produced honey. This significant achievement underscores the growing consumer preference for high-quality, home-grown products and the successful expansion of Purabi Dairy’s product line. The overwhelming response to Purabi Honey not only reflects its superior taste and quality but also indicates a positive trend towards supporting local businesses and sustainable food sources.

“WAMUL imparted training on beekeeping to our farmers thus creating a new source of livelihood for the milk producers along with the existing dairy value chain. The training programme and the subsequent launch of Purabi Honey enabled us to provide top quality locally-produced natural honey to our customers besides helping us increase farmers’ income. This is a win-win ecosystem for everyone,” said SK Parida, general manager, WAMUL.

The training programmes started in 2022 itself and since the Purabi Honey launch in May, 2023, Purabi Dairy is effectively using its infrastructure for procurement and marketing of honey and are providing quality honey to its customers besides providing a source of additional income to the farmers.

At a time when even bigger brands are under regular scrutiny for the purity of their honey, Purabi Honey has successfully penetrated the market with a natural, authentic, and high-quality product. “Our customers have consistently shared positive feedback, praising the rich, authentic taste and the purity of Purabi Honey. Initially, they tried the product by purchasing smaller packs, but now there has been greater demand for larger packs, which is why we introduced the half-kilogram pack,” said SM Hussain, marketing, WAMUL.

The success of ‘Purabi Honey’ is a testament to the positive efforts of the cooperative sector in promoting sustainable local produce. It marks a significant milestone for WAMUL and its associated farmers as they continue to expand their product portfolio and make a positive impact on the local agricultural community.

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