Most people would love to own a car. The independence that it gives along with the security and privacy makes it a very attractive proposition. But the costs of acquiring a new car are preventing this dream from coming true for thousands of aspirants. Car prices are on the rise and owning one becomes a liability in the long run. However, there is very good news for those who cannot afford the financial plunge. Car subscription services have been introduced across India and now customers can drive the car they love by just paying a monthly fee. Let us learn more of this revolutionary take on car ownership.

No Need of Down Payment

So what is the biggest advantage of the car subscription model by ZAP (Zoomcar Associate Program)? With this model, you do not have to shell out a down payment. Yes, that huge chunk of money that people scrape together to buy a new car is not a requirement with a ZAP car subscription. Instead, you can invest it in something that will help your finances in the future or leave it in your savings.

Short and Long Subscription Periods

The time flexibility that car subscription offers is something very new. One can subscribe to a car for as less as six months – perfect for that short stint in a new city or ideal for those who want to try out driving on their own for the first time. The periods can go up to 24 and 36 months, so the long-term option is there too.

More Perks of ZAP

The ZAP subscribed cars come with 24/7 on-road support, a hallmark of the Zoomcar brand. This assurance is a great one especially for long road trips and adds a layer of security to the entire travel experience.

Maintenance and servicing is another hidden cost that most people who buy cars will not consider too soon. This is something that ZAP’s subscription program takes care of. There is no extra expenditure on maintenance and service. All the car subscriber needs to do is inform the company about a servicing requirement and the car will get picked up by an expert team of mechanics. It will be dropped back in no time after a thorough maintenance routine.

ZAP can help you Earn Extra

The car can sit idle for a long time; after all, one does not really drive it all day. ZAP allows subscribers to share their car on the Zoomcar rental platform and get paid for it.

Apart from the zero servicing and maintenance and no down payment features, this is another great way to save on costs. In fact, subscribers can save up to 70% of their monthly fees using the share feature. The sharing process can all be done of the simple-to-use and light ZAP app.

Gain all the wonderful privileges of driving your own car without having to worry about the liabilities. Car subscription gives people uncompromised mobility and also helps them manage costs very well. Consider this option and enjoy a lifestyle lift.

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