ANI Photo | No space left for terror supporters in ‘Naya Jammu and Kashmir’

A massive crackdown launched by investigating agencies against the terror supporters in Jammu and Kashmir post abrogation of Article 370, a temporary provision in the Constitution, has broken the back of separatists and terrorists sponsored by Pakistan.
There is no space left for terrorists and their supporters in ‘Naya Jammu and Kashmir’ which is scaling new heights and marching ahead on the path of peace and prosperity.
Terrorist supporters have been held accountable for their misdeeds. Their properties have been seized and the anti-national government employees have been sacked.
After August 5, 2019, when the Centre announced its decision to scrap the so-called special status of J-K and bifurcate it into two Union Territories, the security agencies launched an “Operation All Out ” to dismantle the terror ecosystem in the Himalayan region.
Steps taken by security agencies have paid dividends. Over-ground workers (OGWs), who used to provide logistics and other support to the terrorists have been identified and nailed.
Separatist organizations like Jamaat-e-Islami (JeI), Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) and others have been banned. Their funding channels have been choked. In a nutshell, the noose has been tightened around the elements that supported terrorist activities in the region.
The tough action taken by law enforcement agencies has allowed the common man to heave a sigh of relief. Ones who used to threaten and intimidate the residents have been cut to size and shown their right place.
Separatists, who used to enforce shutdowns, orchestrate street protests and stone-pelting are either behind bars or have turned silent.
People are performing their daily chores without any disruptions as violence has declined and terrorists stand corners.
Tourists arriving in hordes in J-K stand testament to the fact that in the past three years, Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led regime has established a rule of law in the strife-torn region, which witnessed Pakistan-sponsored terrorism for 30-long years.
To date, the State Investigation Agency (SIA) Kashmir has seized 57 properties of Jamaat-e-Islami. The action has hit terror funding and has proven to be a major step in restoring the rule of law and a society without fear.
According to the officials, the SIA has identified 188 JeI properties worth crores across J-K which have either been notified or are under the process of being notified for further legal action.
Jammu and Kashmir Jamaat-e-Islami were banned on February 28, 2019, by the Union Home Ministry for its involvement in subversive activities in the region.
The ministry stated the organization has close links with secessionists and terrorist groups and contests the merger of J-K into the Union of India. Seized Jamaat properties across Kashmir include business establishments, shopping complexes, schools, residential houses and land.
Investigating agencies while probing different cases unearthed a pattern of terror funding wherein ancestral immovable properties of terrorists belonging to J-K who are based and operating from Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) were sold and sale proceeds were utilized to fund various terror outfits in the Union Territory.
This modus operandi of terror funding remained in vogue for many years and emerged as a substantial source of terror funding in J-K.
Thorough investigations revealed that the money obtained in the sales of properties of terrorists, both land and built-up structures, located in J&K were given to terror outfits operating here and an equivalent amount in Pakistani currency was provided by representatives of these terror outfits to the J&K native terrorists based and operating from Pakistan and POK.
Pertinently, till 2019 separatist organizations funded by Pakistan had established their offices in almost every district of Kashmir. The henchmen of the secessionist leaders on the instructions of their bosses used to plan the street protests and other anti-national activities in these offices.
As of date all the offices of these organizations stand closed in Kashmir and the people who used to run these are either behind bars or are doing some petty jobs to make ends meet.
Not a single bullet or a pellet has been fired by the security forces during the past three years as Kashmir hasn’t witnessed any street protests or a shutdown. Stone pelting has become history as the ones who used to foment trouble have lost their addresses.
The closure of schools run by the Jamaat-e-Islami has helped in ending the radicalization in educational institutions. It has defeated the very idea of the secessionist elements to pollute the young minds in Kashmir.
During the past three years, dozens of properties were identified that were illegally sold and mutated in the last decade, the exercise is continuing to identify more such properties for subsequent seizure and attachment.
The government has imposed a ban on the sale and transfer of any such immovable property in which the J-K native terrorists based in Pakistan have any share or belong to them.
It has also been proposed that all such previous sales and transfers be declared null and void.
After J-K’s reorganization in 2019 stringent laws were put in place to dismantle the terror ecosystem in the Union Territory.
Seizure of immovable properties of the terrorists operating from Pakistan and PoK, and assets of radical organizations like Jamaat-e-Islami, have blocked the major source of terror funding within Jammu and Kashmir.
Security forces cracking the whip on the OGWs has led to the terrorists losing their capability to carry out any major attacks. People who willfully harboured the terrorists have been identified and booked. Their properties stand sealed.
After the abrogation of Article 370, the government has driven home a point that anyone providing any kind of support to terrorists will be treated as a terrorist and he/she would have to face the law of the land.
During the past three years, security forces have succeeded in eliminating top terrorist commanders. As of date, the number of active terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir has declined to an all-time low with just around 50 terrorists being active in the Himalayan region. The local recruitment in terror ranks has fallen to zero.

This report is filed by ANI news service.

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